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DTRC race series for carpet will be a 5 race series with one throwout (only your 4 best scores count). Points will be tallied and accumulated through the final race in March; 50 points for first, 49 for second and so on. 1 TQ point will be awarded only if you also win the main. We will be giving out Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for A mains in each class each week for the winter season. Entry fees will be $10 for first class, $5 for additional classes. DTRC races will be the third Saturday of each month, October thru March and will include the following classes:
1/10 Stock TC 6-cell **Racers – would you rather run mod?**
1/12 Stock 4-cell pan
1/18 2WD (Losi Mini-T, Slider; Robitronic Scalpel or similar)
1/18 4WD truck/buggy (AE 18T, 18B; Losi mini LST; Duratrax Vendetta, Mini quake; Xray M18T or similar)
1/18 Sedan (HPI micro RS4, Xray M18, AE 18R** or similar)
1/18 Pro (2 or 4WD open class, brushless, lipos and insane mods are allowed)

**The Associated 18R is a sedan only with the short stock arms. Changing to the truck or buggy arms will move you to the 4WD (truck/buggy) class. Sedan is a small class so expect frequent bumps.
• 2wd and 4wd class should be basically stock cars and electronics, foam tires are allowed in all classes. Upgraded motors, servos, aluminum parts etc will be allowed, but save the crazy mods for the pro class. If you’re too fast, we’ll put you in pro anyway!
• Pro class is more defined by driver skill than by car mods. Points do not transfer between classes if you change mid-season. Pro will be split into 2WD and 4WD if enough cars are present. 21 lap + racers should go ‘Pro’ but it is acceptable to run your 4WD in Pro and also race 2WD or sedan if you choose to.
• 1/16 or 1/14 scale cars may be run in the most similar class as determined by race director.
• 1/10 scale Touring Car drivers be forwarned, the lanes here are only 6 ft wide. Brushless stocks and lipos will be allowed. Very few locals run these, so this is the only series we plan to run these in.
• 4 cars required to make a class each day. Classes may be combined as necessary to ensure all who came get to race.
• 3mm minimum chassis height is required to save wear on the carpet. This is measured at the lowest point with batteries installed.

DTRC races will be 3 quals and mains – registration closes at 10:30 racing begins at 11AM Sharp! If we get off schedule we’ll simply drop the third heat to get everyone out by 5:30PM at the latest. Trinity Red Dot is the traction compound of choice at this track but others will be allowed.

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