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ND State Indoor Flury Fest
Written by Jeff Kohler

This Saturday March 1st, at the Golf Dome on north 19th St. The 3-D style flying action of the best pilots in the midwest will be showing off there stuff.Come see what its all about, starts 10:00 AM till 5:00PM..Attention to all those who were attending the ND State indoor funfly! It has been postponed from Feb 2nd to March 1st.. The members from MSMAC hope to see you all then..

Dont forget the indoor show at Kirkwood Mall March 15th along with the Swap Meet here at the WW-N-H.. everyones invited to show there planes and sell there unused items at the swap meet{no charge for the swap meet}

Spectrum DX3R radio
Written by Jeff Kohler

Hey the new Spectrum DX3R Radio is finally here!! Now online store says not in stock but we have them is our store along with the new airplane JR 9300 spectrum!!

The DX3R has many nice and new features be sure to check them out and come down to the store and hold them, Wow they feel like there supossed to be there.. “I Like It”

The X9303 is just  a marvel of technology. Just holding it you now its what you want.

Go-Ped Brand Scooters
Written by Jeff Kohler

On Sale now the Super Bigfoot Home Builders Kit will be assembeled for Free!! All for $519

We now stock and service all Go-Ped brand scooters. We will also service what we can of the chinese and Walmart scooters.We stock these scooter,, electric ESR750ex and the New Hooverboard{it even has a Flux Capacitor}!! Then the gas models include the Sport, GSR Sport, GSR Cruiser. The GTR Interceptor which has suspension and The BIG PRO 60 kit{not listed on there site,advanced users only}  Our Prices will be less than the listed prices on Go-Peds web site. And the best service center anywhere! And if you want a high performance engine or scooter package ,just come and see me or call..

Go-Ped JumpingTrail Ripper

I also have picked up dealerships with Team GoNads and ADA Racing so the aftermarket parts your looking for can be had local or order from me by a phone call…I will be posting some accessory pics and prices on a seperate pages in the near future..So come on over on Monday and see the new products.

Carpet Season at WW-N-H is HERE!
Written by RC4U

Mandan – Bismarck Indoor Racing Action
As many of you know, when winter rolls around in the racing season, it simply means the dirt tires get put away, and the foam tires come out of the box.

During the winter cold times, instead of racing outdoors, we instead turn to go inside, and race on a special carpet. We race what we call ‘carpet’ cars, they use foam tires to stick to the carpet, they most of them are completly graphite in construction. They sit as low as 3mm off the carpet, and they FLY!!

With most tracks around here, you will see lap times of 8-14 seconds, and many times during races, two or more cars will collide, often sending one or more completely off the track!! The small carpet cars will reach speeds exceeding 30mph, in less than 50 feet of track lengh.

If you want to see some FAST paced racing action, come on by WWNH today and check out our carpet racing. We also race the 1/18th scale cars like some pictured below. our race schedule is here

This is the SLOW extreme of the sport. With 55T motors, these highly articulated 4X4 torque monsters will make short work of any obstacle.

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